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We Are Your Favourite Online Streaming Team and Platform!

The Shed is trying to push the bounderies on server and platform intergrations! We have a Fast Growing Network, And Loads of Game Servers! Also way more to come! 

We as a team try to get you guys the best and most fun Mods for Game Servers out there! (have a look in the cod4x promod servers 😉 )

Also is TheShedyt Trying to get you guys new content every single week! And a bunch of livestream’s over on Twitch!

LiveStreams on Twitch

4 to 5 days a week we have shed members streaming over on Twitch

Discord Server Platform

Highly customized and integration rich Platform

Content on YouTube

2 Or more video uploads over on The YouTube's Search: #TheShedyt

Instagram Updates

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Meet the creators of The Shed

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