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Automated Competitive Games

The Shed - Discord Network

Here you guys are able to play Automated 10 mans, pugs, scrims and Tournaments! All hosted and automated inside Discord! We keep Track of Stats (players and teams), and make Sure we also have a demo of all players that played in your match!

Start Playing competitive at The Shed

First, you gotta join the Gaming Hub (Discord Server) and turn on CS:GO in the Game Selection!

Now you’ll be able to see the CS:GO channels! now open the Commands Channel that is located inside the CS:GO section!

All you have to do here is, type in the command: “q!link ‘YourSteamCommunityProfileLink’ “

Now your all Setup, and able to join the Lobby’s to queue up for a game!

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Intergration for quick gameplay

Discord <-> Steam

We make sure you guys have to do next to nothing to be able to actually play propper Pug’s, Scrims, and Tournaments! And all you guys have to do is Join our Network!

CS:GO Scrim's, Tournaments and 10 man

Here is our Web panel for all the Player/Team Stats and The Server configuration. Also you'll be able to add your own servers to the system and make it work with our System ( You can actually select to make it used Public or Private Only)

We are always trying to set the bar higher and higher with integration! We love what we do and we are focused on a positive community! We also do host more Game Integration for other games as well, have a look inside the Gaming Hub (Discord Network)

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