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All Support Handled by The Shed done on our Support Hub Discord Server


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Video Content Issues?

Found Any Issues or Problems with our Video Content, Please also report it! We take this very serious and would love any input!

Gaming Servers Issues?

All Bugs, Issues and other stuff that might occur on our Community Game Servers can be dealt with here!

Banned on our Game Servers?

It can always happen that a ban was wrong or faulty in any way shape or form! so please do appeal to them to make sure we'll be able to get you playing again!

Tournament Issues?

Found Issues, Cheaters or any other problem that has to do with our Community Tournaments Ran on our Discord Platform! Please report it! Can change the outcome!

Discord Platform Issues?

Over on Discord We try to really push the boundaries and make a secure and home feeling place for everyone! From Private Channels to Tournaments! You name it!

Website Issues?

All Bugs, Problems, ect. that has to do with The Shed's Website

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